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Printing and installing advertisements for the “Top Citizen Festival of Hamedan” in the city

Printing and installing advertisements for the "Festival of Top Citizens of Hamedan" in the city. Participate in the selection process of the top citizens of your city by introducing them. Dear citizens, to register for the "Festival of Top Citizens of Hamedan" in 2021, from December 6 to January 11 of this year, you have the opportunity to refer to the following website:


Holding a meeting of the executive committee of the Top Citizens Festival of Hamedan

Holding a meeting of the executive committee of the Hamedan Top Citizens Festival with the focus on reviewing the executive process of the festival in various fields, summarizing matters, planning advertisements, informing the festival, chaired by Mr. Vajdi Hoveida, Secretary of the Festival of Top Citizens of Hamedan.

You too, can be the top citizen of the City. Participate in the selection process of top citizens of your city by introducing them.


Hamedan in the first special program of this festival from Central Radio and Television

Abbas_Soufi, the director of the Hamedan Top Citizens Festival, said in the first special program of the festival from the Hamedan Central Radio and Television: the ideal city will be achieved by promoting a culture of citizenship. Top citizens are good paradigms in the city that should be introduced to promote a culture of citizenship. A good city requires good citizens. In 2018, at the beginning of the urban management period, one of the topics that the urban management group was supposed to work on, was the discussion of creating a culture of citizenship behavior in various topics and areas. In this regard, this culture-building needed to introduce citizens who are well known in this field and obliged themselves to be citizens in the field of citizenship behavior. In 2018, the first period of the Top Citizen Festival was launched and out of one thousand participants, the jury selected 68 people in various fields. In 2019, out of 1,500 people who registered, the jury nominated 18 people. This year, with the outbreak of the corona virus, the holding of the third festival of selected citizens was postponed, but in various meetings in the Islamic Council of Hamadan, the holding of this festival was emphasized. Promoting culture and explaining the duties of citizenship is one of the goals of the festival. Identifying, introducing and encouraging citizens in different dimensions, modeling selected citizens at the community level and creating a database of Hamedan elites in various fields, are other goals of the festival.

The aim of the “Top Citizen Festival” is to turn Hamedan into a sample city in the Country

The head of the Islamic Council of Hamadan said: purpose of the" Top Citizen Festival" is to turn Hamadan into a model city in the country. Seyed Massoud Asgarian on the occasion of inaugural of the third top citizen festival of Hamedan in the media said: we have been looking for years, the citizens who cooperated in the field of urban management and were effective in promoting a better life in the city and were able to make known Hamedan in the Country. He stated that this year the program was interrupted due to the outbreak of Corona virus, but finally it was implemented: "Our goal in holding this festival is to identify a number of citizens who have taken action in different urban areas or with programs Introduce alignment to model their social and personal behaviors and apply it to citizenship education, and ultimately achieve a more prosperous and developed city. The head of the Islamic Council of Hamedan said about holding the closing ceremony of this program: "we hope that by the time of the closing of the program, the situation in Hamedan would be white in terms of the prevalence of Corona and we will hold the program outdoors, otherwise we will use cyberspace." He added: "holding this festival has led citizens to improve the environment and reduce social harms, although objective statistics are not available yet and the final result depends on scientific and academic research."


Top citizens should be in touch with the city administration

Engineer Jalilvand, director of the second region of Hamedan Municipality, in the special program of the top citizen' festival: the condition for the festival to be effective is the consensus and cooperation of citizens in urban management. Those who are sympathetic to this land, should be introduced as the top citizens. We are waiting for you to introduce the top citizens, people may not introduce themselves as selected citizens. In district 2 of Hamadan Municipality, selected citizens and trustees are in contact with the city administration and are pioneers in advancing affairs through communication, consensus and exchange of views.


Responsibility is the vision of the “Top Citizens” festival of Hamedan

Democracy, legitimacy, participation and in a word, responsibility, are the key words that the third festival of "Selected Citizens" seeks to create a culture to promote it among the citizens, so that Hamedan become a good city with better citizens. The "Top Citizen" festival held its first media roundtable on wednesday in the presence of reporters from the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) to reflect on its achievements, performance and plans, and to inform the public about what is happening at this event. The mayor of Hamedan, with an introduction, described this cultural event as a unique event in country and even in the world, where the municipality selects the best citizens as the main trustees of urban management every year, in a scientific process with the presence of university professors and cultural figures. "Abbas Sufi" said: the elected citizens should be different people and have tried to improve the quality of urban life and the effects of this effort are tangible in the space and context of the city, although Hamedan has a glorious name and history and in terms of having knowledgeable and educated citizens of the capital, and has been called the capital of history and civilization of Iran.


Top citizens participate in city management

Masoud Dehbani, the mayor of Hamadan region 1, said in a special program of the Selected Citizens Festival on the Radio and Television of Hamadan: "Just as any society needs a manager and leader, every city needs the participation of all citizens in order to succeed." A citizen is a person who, according to his / her rights and duties, can act correctly in the society and cooperate with the city administration in urban participation. One of the characteristics that an elected citizen can have, is to consider the social priorities of his neighborhood and place of residence. Another characteristic is that the citizen identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the region with the follow-ups he does in the city and informs the city management؛ in these conditions we can have a good city and selected citizens. In the municipality of region 1, by referring to the mosques, neighborhoods and other places, trusted people were identified in the neighborhoods to cooperate with the municipality. A community council was formed in different neighborhoods, using their opinions and suggestions based on the needs of the district and region, and their effective and well done works and actions.


Having a healthy and clean city is the gift of participating citizens

The deputy of urban services of Hamedan municipality, said in the special program of the festival of selected citizens in the center of Hamedan radio and television: having a healthy and clean city requires cooperation, participation and interaction of citizens with urban management. Vahid Alizamir stated that achieving a city free of any pollution, requires the development of comprehensive and purposeful programs and the promotion of citizenship culture؛ he added: the festival of selected citizens will be held in this regard. The deputy of urban services of Hamedan municipality stated that: awareness and culture in the field of social health are the needs of today's society. He said: "familiarizing children and adolescents with citizenship and social laws as much as possible is necessary in order to have a healthy and safe society." The Deputy of Urban Services of Hamedan Municipality pointed to the key and important role of citizens in urban management and said: "Responsible, ethical and participatory citizens are selected citizens who can be exemplified in the society to help growing the culture of citizenship and accompanying people with management to participate in urban management programs.

Alizamir stated: 400 tons of waste is produced daily in Hamedan. According to him, waste production, displacement, as well as separation, processing, modification and conversion, are the main cycle of waste. He said: "Whenever we have the cooperation of citizens with city managers, the path of development and progress will be easier and when mutual trust is established between citizens and officials, the level of participation will increase." Deputy Mayor if Hamedan Municipality continued: extensive measures have been taken in the green space of city in recent years and we have more than 150 small and large parks in the city of Hamedan. He said: there are more than 620 hectares of urban green space in Hamedan city and the maintenance of green space is a great step in order to plant, maintenance and development, which is done every year in different seasons of planting plants.