Having a healthy and clean city is the gift of participating citizens

Having a healthy and clean city is the gift of participating citizens

The deputy of urban services of Hamedan municipality, said in the special program of the festival of selected citizens in the center of Hamedan radio and television: having a healthy and clean city requires cooperation, participation and interaction of citizens with urban management. Vahid Alizamir stated that achieving a city free of any pollution, requires the development of comprehensive and purposeful programs and the promotion of citizenship culture؛ he added: the festival of selected citizens will be held in this regard. The deputy of urban services of Hamedan municipality stated that: awareness and culture in the field of social health are the needs of today’s society. He said: “familiarizing children and adolescents with citizenship and social laws as much as possible is necessary in order to have a healthy and safe society.” The Deputy of Urban Services of Hamedan Municipality pointed to the key and important role of citizens in urban management and said: “Responsible, ethical and participatory citizens are selected citizens who can be exemplified in the society to help growing the culture of citizenship and accompanying people with management to participate in urban management programs.

Alizamir stated: 400 tons of waste is produced daily in Hamedan. According to him, waste production, displacement, as well as separation, processing, modification and conversion, are the main cycle of waste. He said: “Whenever we have the cooperation of citizens with city managers, the path of development and progress will be easier and when mutual trust is established between citizens and officials, the level of participation will increase.” Deputy Mayor if Hamedan Municipality continued: extensive measures have been taken in the green space of city in recent years and we have more than 150 small and large parks in the city of Hamedan. He said: there are more than 620 hectares of urban green space in Hamedan city and the maintenance of green space is a great step in order to plant, maintenance and development, which is done every year in different seasons of planting plants.

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