The message of representative of Vali_Faqih in the Province and Friday prayer leader of Hamadan to the top citizens’ festival

The message of representative of Vali_Faqih in the Province and Friday prayer leader of Hamadan to the top citizens’ festival

In a part of Imam Ali’s letter to Malik Ashtar, it is stated that “the goods and the evils should not be the same for you, which makes the virtuous reluctant to do goods and forces the evils to do unworthy efforts, so you should behave each of them according to what they did.”
Considering this valuable statement, it can be acknowledged that the election of the top citizen is rooted in the religious principles and Islamic school of our society, and in general, competition and election is one of the main elements in the development of human and Islamic values. It is clearly seen in religious texts, especially the Holy Quran to introduce the good paradigms; therefore, the city of Hamedan can be a model city with special attention to the introduction of superior paradigms of citizenship.
The creative efforts and performance of the Hamedan City Council and Municipality in order to honor the human dignity of the citizens are valuable, and we hope that this festival will reach its final destination with the presence and sympathy of the citizens with this festival. This process along with the process of urban management in order to evaluate citizens and adapt it to the values of citizenship culture to improve and expand the cultural, social and human capital of urban society, as well as enhancing and promoting ethics and citizenship culture based on rich Islamic and national principles, we hope this important process continue each year with richer criteria.
According to the emphasis of urban management officials on the creation of city infrastructure, if all citizens participate in urban management, this popular institution with more leisure will make Hamedan more prosperous; On the other hand, it is expected to act more responsibly and actively in the field of serving the honorable Hamedan citizens. Elected citizen refers to people who are, regardless of self-worth, in line with the emphasized components of the school of Islam, including religious values, self-sacrifice, populism and morality, Imam-centeredness, respect for civil rights, responsibility, regularity and have a plan to create hope and happiness in the community which are emphasized by the school of Islam. With the introduction of these aware citizens, the desired components will be generalized throughout the city and among the citizens.
In the meantime, all the people who feel that they have served the city and the citizens in line with the 9 characteristics of this festival with the aim of introducing citizens activating citizen duties, can take the lead or introduce others as a top citizen.
Emphasizing all the nine characteristics of the top citizens of the year 2021 with a focus on urban management, it is expected that efforts will be made to develop a culture of energy efficiency, including the use of bicycles and public transportation; voluntary presence and participation in the community; timely payment of tolls belonging to the municipality; entrepreneurship and job creation in order to boost production for themselves and other citizens; efforts to expand urban green space; preserving the historical identity of the city; doing good deeds, endowments and charity in the field of urban management and so on, to be adorned among all citizens, especially the selected ones.
In the end, it should be said that for the construction of a new Islamic civilization, the city of Hamedan is expected to be at the top level; Therefore, holding such cultural and social festivals is the basis for building a superior society and moving one step towards the peaks of progress in the direction of growth, development and excellence.

Habib-Allah Shabaani
Representative of the Supreme leader in the province and Friday prayer leader of Hamedan

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